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Water Desalination

For over 25 years, we have operated with a vision to become the leading industrial chemical distributors and marketing services provider in the GCC region. Led by a senior management team with decades of experience in the marketing, selling, and distribution of industrial chemicals, processing systems and equipments; we take pride in being a pioneering entity introducing state of the art, innovative and value generating solutions to regional end-users.

Polymer Processing

Industrial Gas Production

Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium, Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Acetylene Cylinders with

Valves and Caps.

High Gas Yield and Minimal Impurity Calcium Carbide for production of Acetylene Gas and Metal Desulphurisation.

Color, Anti Fibrillation, Additives, Property Enhancing Master Batches,

PVC Raw Materials,

Pipe and Film Extrusion Plants,

Injection Molding Machines,

Auxiliary Systems.

Diverse range of high pressure empty cylinders can be provided both on Ex-Stock as well Direct Indent Basis at favorable rates and commercial terms.

Wide portfolio of products for the plastic processing industry with specific focus on film, pipe, profile, sheet and foam extrusion as well injection, blow and rotational molding

Limestone Aggregates in sizes 2 - 4 mm and 4 - 6 mm available in both loose packing as well as jumbo bags.

Sponge Rubber Balls available in different sizes, firmness and densities as per requirements.

High quality Limestone aggregates and Sponge Rubber Balls for Condenser Tube Cleaning applications available on delivered basis.